Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Technology in room 21

21 News Report Wednesday 12 November. Hadiga, Olivia, Harsh, Jedric

Do you play sport at secondary school? Well you would know about this problem.

Athletes have been getting confused about where to stand in the
gym because of all the different line markings for different sports.

ASB Systembau have come up with a solution. In Bavaria, Germany, ASB Systembau has created an interactive floor that allows the line markings to be changed instantly from a tennis court to a basketball court, or any other sport
by the mere push of a button.

Called Lucio, it’s made of two layers. The surface is made of glass that has been through a series of treatments to ensure that it is as springy as normal wooden floorboards.  Underneath the glass are metal bars shaped in outlines of sport boundary lines with led lights connected to them and because the glass is partly transparent the lights can be seen through it.

It has been tested by professional sports players and their  comments about it were that it is great for sports playing. Lucio has gone over a million dollars in cost to make at $560 dollars per square meter of the gym. Imagine paying that much! This gym has been tested and approved for playing sports at high levels.

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Room 21 Character descriptions. WALT: Use the thesaurus to find interesting words

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